Lisbon Airport Informational Guide to Humberto Delgado Airport (LIS) - Non Official

Lisbon Airport Train

Unfortunately, Lisbon Airport doesn’t have train station.

If you wish to get to the nearest train station of Lisbon Airport, please do not miss the information displayed below:


The closest train station of Lisbon Airport is Oriente Station (Gare do Oriente), which is also the main train station of Lisbon and the busiest of Portugal.

It is located at roughly 4 kilometres from Lisbon Airport.

From Oriente Station you may get to other Portuguese cities.

For further information about Oriente Station, please check its website.

HOW to get There?

There are a several options that may help you getting to Oriente Station:


The fastest and most convenient mean to Oriente Station, simply and clear.

Take the metro at Terminal 1 and take off at Oriente metro station.

Total trip time is 10 minutes.

For further information regarding fares, schedules, etc. please, check metro section.


Even it is the most expensive mean of transport to Oriente Station, it is the suitable choice.

Trip time is about 10 minutes.

Cost: € 5.84.

For further information about taxi services from Lisbon Airport, please check taxi section.


By bus will take you longer to reach Oriente Station compared to the other options showed above.

Bus lines 208, 705 and 744 stop at Oriente Station.

For further information regarding bus lines from Lisbon Airport, please take a look at bus section.